Kevin Ward
- Last year I took my wife, 4 year-old boy and 1 1/2 year old girl to see Ulalena. We had such a great time and the kids (and us parents) were spellbound. When we got home, I ordered the CD and it was a favorite of my kids as we drove in the car.

- A spiritual experience, both times seen, a year apart! The music on CD helps me return to that special spiritual center shared by all Creations. Thank you.

- My daughter and I had the absolute joy of seeing this wonderful musical/work of art last March. We just accidently decided to go on the last minute and as it turns out it was one of the high lights to our trip. My daughter is 19 and I am 50 and we both just loved it so much. Thank you for this presentation. I will be back to see to see this play. I have already referred some friends to see it in October when they get there.

Brandon Hrdlicka
- I just have to say that this was the most enjoyable history that I have ever experienced. The production really depicts the meaning of the Hawaiian atomsphere. We met two of your actors, while touring Maui, and they were the best hosts and we never could of asked for anyone better. I hope to experience your production again in the future. Mahala.

- My husband and I first saw Ulalena last April. We saw it again two weeks ago and we would see it over and over and over again. The captivating music, choreography, sets and performers make it a definite A+ production.

Kevin Kirwan
- An unbelievable show...if it were only available on DVD...

- It has been a while since I saw the show...My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Maui in July of 2001. While we were there we say 'ulalena. I love to go to the theater. I have never in my life seen anything more amazing in my life. I left the show in tears. It was very powerful and even to this day when I listen to the cd, I get the same feeling as the day I was there. We wish the show all the best...Keep up the amazing work. Hope to see the show again when return!!

Luis Fuentes
- Ulalena is the one of the best shows I've ever seen. Even better than the Blue Man Group, Storm, or Lord Of The Dance. I'm a storyteller myself ,and I was impressed on how Ulalena was able to combine myth and history with song and dance. The entire cast was excellent, as well, as the band whose tribal beats expressed the passion of the Hawaiian people. When I return to Maui, I'm driving to Lahaina again and seeing the show once more.

Carol Wagner
- I see Ulalena every time I come to Maui which is once a year. Most times I see it twice. I have never had a show affect me like this one. I literally play the CD every day. I know the words in Hawaiian and drive my friends and family crazy with it. I feel like Ulalena is a part of me. The musicians are a show in themselves. John Signor and Pono move me to tears with their voices. They are so honest and pure. I truly can not wait to come back next year to see it again. I thank you for making one of the most moving experiences of my life.

Nancy Ishikawa
- One of the best memories from my trip to Hawaii is Ulalena! I listen to the CD and try to review each of the acts of this wonderful musical.

Sharon M. Wagner
- I just wanted to say what a beautiful 'Ulalena is! We had a great time, the music and the movements of the dancers was beautiful. The Hawaiian people are very kind and full of a culture unknown to most here on the mainland, this show let us discover that. I will see it again on our return visit to Maui...Mahalo for a wonderful experience!

Stephen Song
- I immensely, immensely enjoyed ulalena. I can't say enough about the music and the performances. I puchased a music CD from your show and it's a year later now and I'm still listening to it. I wish the very best to your production.

Mark Zablotsky
- My family and I very much enjoyed your show. We bought the soundtrack, and my children have memorized every song. Unfortunately, we don't know what any of the songs mean. Is there any way to get a translation of what the songs mean??? My 6 and 8 year olds both want to be in Ulalena someday (very sweet). Thanks again for such an entertaining show.

Danielle P.
- It was a wonderful experience and a great story. I loved the music bought the cd. Just wish it was on video, so I could share the story with friends. When ever I tell people about Maui I tell them to go see the show. Thank you again.

David Cypher
- During July of 2000, my wife and I went to Maui for our Honeymoon. We saw the poster for Ulalena and immediately thought the show would be a wonderful way to close out an evening in Lahaina. We enjoyed Ulalena so much, we watched the show twice, coming back a few days later. And for a newlywed couple investing this much time of their honeymoon in something, you know it had to be good! We've been talking about Ulalena ever since, recommending it everyone we know. Wonderful experience! I say that because it wasn't just a "show," but an experience! Got the movie poster and the CD - Great website, brings back happy memories!

"It’s theater. It’s art. It’s wonderful. Ulalena is one of the most brilliant pieces of theater I’ve seen in Hawai‘i in more than 40 years.”

- Dave Donnelly, Honolulu Star Bulletin
"We enjoyed Ulalena so much, we watched the show twice... for a newlywed couple.. you know it had to be good!"

-David Cypher
See magnificent drawings from kids who saw the show !
Johana, 6 yo.